Before I say anything about Gunner Kennels I feel the need to confess something. I was the kind of guy that never thought much about the necessity of a kennel when traveling. Sure, I’d use them for obvious reasons, but the whole idea of crash tests, the thought of “what would happen to my dog if I get in a wreck” … that  sort of thinking just wasn’t in my worldview. That’s sad, and not something I’m proud of, if I’m being transparent. I would never want my dog to be harmed, but it just never entered my mind, not even once, of how or if my crate would hold up during car crash. All of that changed when my life crossed paths with Gunner Kennels. All you need to do is watch the crash test simulations and you’ll find yourself asking, “How can I get one? As in, now.” When your duck dog means as much to you as Stella means to me, my wife, and my two boys, the cost of the world’s best crate is a complete non-factor. There is not even a close second on the market to compete with Gunner Kennels. Not even a distant third competitor. These crates live on a planet all their own. Beyond the safety and crazy rugged design, it’s like taking Stella’s bedroom with her to ever duck lodge we encounter. She loves that thing. It’s her own bedroom, and yet is seems virtually indestructible. What I love most about Gunner Kennels is the organic nature of the story: just a guy who loved his dog so much that he wouldn’t stop until he built the safest crate he could design for a dog named Gunner that has added so much value to his life. Truthfully, all of us have that story. I love my dog. That’s why I have a Gunner Kennel. 

 Jason Cruise


I have been using my Gunner Kennel everyday since the day it was delivered, I can not find anything bad to say about it. I have yet to see the kennel move even a half of an inch in my truckbed. This is the last dog kennel you will need to buy. Its definitely not the cheapest, but in the long run you end up saving money because you will never have to buy another kennel and with the cheaper kennels you might end up buying 5-10 in the lifespan of just one dog. This is going to be a kennel that your kids will be using for their dogs. This kennel is 10x better than any other I have seen; it is all about the safety and care of your dog. Chris Akin, Webb Footed Kennels

 Chris Akin
Webb Footed Kennels


I'm sure diggin' my new Gunner Kennel. Freaking tough and every feature you could ask for. Gonna love being able to lock it in the back of my truck and as well lock my pup in it so no one can steal either. The tie down pins are worth its weight in gold! The door is absolutely wonderful. It is absolutely perfect! In my eye, it’s by far the best kennel you can get, no doubt about it.

 Freddy King
Landslide Productions


As dog trainers and hunters we spend a lot of time hunting and traveling with our dogs. The Gunner Kennel is a well made and very well thought out product. A lot of time and effort is spent training and caring for a dog and we always want the best care for them. We are confident that this product will help protect our dogs when traveling for training or hunting.

 D.T. Systems


Dear Gunner Kennels, As a TV host of Duck Down Waterfowl, a guide of 7 years, and a bird dog trainer for 15 years, I have seen my share of kennels. To get to the point, before "investing" in anything in life, one must ask what a particular subject is worth to that individual. In this case, what is your dog or four-legged member of your family worth to you? Regardless of what you spent on your dog, how much would it cost you to replace that dog? I know the amount of money I have trained dogs for and sold dogs for, and those were not low numbers. For years, dog crates or kennels (whatever you want to call them) have come up short in ensuring me that my dog is safe inside of them. I have seen numerous accidents involving dog carriers and the poor animals inside of them that did not end well for anyone. I can say without a shadow of doubt that my dog has never been safer then when he was placed inside his Gunner Kennel for the first time. There are metal kennels on the market that don't offer the same level of protection that the Gunner Kennels do. From the "bullet proof" roto-molded side walls to the built in secure strap anchors on the top corners to the non-skid feet on the bottom, this box was built by a dog owner for a dog owner. I am on the road almost everyday for hunting season filming around the state of Louisiana, and even though I secured my dog crate to the back of my truck...I never had a way to lock my dog in the crate. Now if I stop at a restaurant or have to get out of my truck in a public setting for any amount of time, I can go and lock the standard latch on my Gunner Kennel and I worry no more about the security of my canine companion. Gunner Kennels have allowed my team to have peace of mind while traveling around on the roads in any condition. Thank you Addison for finally engineering a kennel that has as much quality as the dog I put in it. Whether you use your dog to make a living with or have them just as a companion, ask yourself..."What is their safety worth to you?"

 Jude Barber
Duck Down Waterfowl LLC


This kennel is awesome. My lab, Mako, loves it! Very well designed. The overall structure of this dog kennel is insane. The door and latches work flawlessly. A+ on the production of the first kennel of its kind!

Cory Adams
Swamp Assassin LLC


I have been trying to get my hands on one of the kennels since I saw the prototype a year and a half ago.  I watched and waited, and spoke with Edmonds about his vision in developing all the needs that a great kennel has to have for your companion. Now that I finally have it, in my professional opinion he hit the ball out of the park. From product testing, down to the installation manual and packaging: he took his time and thought of everything.

I look forward to using the kennel with my Springer Spaniels for years to come.

– John Thames
Covey Rise