What size dog fits in the kennels?

Good question. Use the dimensions listed on the individual kennel pages to help choose the right size kennel. In general, you can follow the below guidelines: 

G1™ Intermediate Kennel Size:

  • Kennel fits most dogs up to 75lbs

G1™ Large Kennel Size:

  • Kennel fits most dogs up to 110lbs

How do I clean my Gunner Kennel?

Simple. With our large removeable drain plug, go to any car wash with a pressure washer, open the drain plug and spray it out. Don't worry, it can handle it. (Make sure your dog is out of the kennel, of course).

When will you have additional sizes in the G1™ available for purchase?

We are working on perfecting smaller, and larger, sized kennels now. However, if you have a smaller dog, many breeds fit safely and comfortably in the G1™ Intermediate. Not to mention, it’s super easy to strap down in SUVs and minivans. However, if you'd like to be added to our waitlist let us know here.

How much do the G1™ Intermediate and G1™ Large Kennels weigh?

The G1™ Intermediate Kennel weighs approximately 45 pounds and the G1™ Large will be around 70 pounds. Both come standard with kayak-grade handles for easy lifting and the G1™ Large includes wheels for easy transport.

Do you have a kennel cover that fits the kennel?

The fact that our kennel is double-walled and rotomolded ideally eliminates the need for a kennel cover in most situations. The kennel will naturally keep your dog warmer in cold weather, regardless if there is a kennel cover or not. However, we will be offering a cover as well to help keep your dog warm in the extreme temps.

Can the Kennel be locked into a truck bed?

Absolutely. We have created a Security Kennel Lock Kit with a high-strength, stainless steel lock bracket designed to install in 6-7 different positions on the kennel, depending on the size. The kit comes with a stainless steel security bolt and key to install. All you’ll need is a lock and chain.

Still have a question about our product?

Contact our dedicated support team HERE, and a representative will be back in touch shortly. 

Is my Gunner Kennel indestructible?

We believe we've built the most durable kennel on the market. However, our manufacturer's lifetime warranty does not cover destruction done to the product by the pet. 

Our crates were created specifically for travel, but we have many customers who turn to Gunner Kennels for their extreme chewers or pets with phobias/anxiety. Because of that, our engineers created our Chew Kit: waterjet-cut, stainless steel covers for the kennel windows to keep teeth off of the vents and help protect the lifetime warranty. Please consider purchasing this accessory if your dog is a "chewer."