The Gunner Story


I started this company for my hunting dog, Gunner. He's a British chocolate lab who lives to retrieve. I have always wanted the best for Gunner because of how hard he works for me. When searching for a travel kennel, there wasn’t anything available that I felt comfortable putting him in. So, I set out to build Man’s Best Kennel for My Best Friend.

Every detail of this kennel is built to make our traveling experience the best and safest it can be, whether we are on our way to the Mississippi Delta for a duck hunt or just running errands around town. Gunner has been my co-pilot since the day I drove to North Alabama to pick him up.

I built this kennel for my dog Gunner and for anyone else who loves seeing their dogs light up when you ask them to “Kennel,” and they know they are tagging along for your next adventure.

-Addison Edmonds, Founder

The Kennel

Protection for Your Best Friend

We're a company that believes in building products that keep your pets safe and secure. Trust is a big word, and one that you'll see crafted into all our products. With our double-walled rotomolded plastic, virtually nothing stands a chance of breaking through to hurt your dog.

Our kennel was tested to withstand more than 4,000 lb. of force. Nothing else comes close.
The Kennel
630 lb.

At 8'4", we dropped 630 lb. on our kennel. See the result – and how it compared to others – here

12 ga.

At 7 steps away from the kennel, we fired a 12-gauge shotgun packed with #7 shot and not a single pellet went through. Watch the video here.

On top of that, we added secure tie-down pins, non-skid rubber feet, a wider base, and a paddle-latch door lock to this already safe kennel. With an estimated 100,000 dogs* that are killed each year from falling out of truck beds, there’s now no more looking in your rearview mirror only to see your dog’s kennel sliding around or shaking. You can finally travel with the peace of mind that your dog is safe and right where they should be (*from US Census).

Our American Made, patented design withstood the most rigorous tests we could throw at it, tests that other kennels simply couldn't hold up to.

Materials & Features

When we set out to build this incredible product, our goal was to craft it with the best parts money can buy. That allowed us to push the limits of what a dog kennel should be. The sleek design and ease of use makes you proud to own this kennel.

Our kennels are made for everyone. They’re for hunters, competitive trainers, and for everyone else that just loves dogs. A camping trip or a weekend at the lake just wouldn’t be the same without your whole family. So we made it easy to load up the truck with your gear AND your kennel and not worry about a thing. 

Dog Kennel - G1 Intermediate - Front

G1™ Intermediate

Fits Most Dogs Up To 75 Lb.
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G1™ Large

Fits Most Dogs Up To 110 lb.
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